Presentations that “ignite”

When it comes to "e-learning", I have to think about Christina's comment: "Fast and dirty", meaning quickly produced and not well-planned. So-called "rapid learning applications" as screencasts, Adobe presenter flick (formerly known as "Macromedia Breeze") etc. seem to be very attractive, but somewhat useless, if not well-produced. But could there be a format that is quick, enlightening and (ideally) entertaining?
O'Reilly, the publishing company that gave us the term "web 2.0" and hundreds of clever computer books, organizes a series of events called "ignite". Everyone can give a talk there. There are no restrictions regarding content. All rules apply only to the mode of presentation:
- Every talk lasts 5 minutes.
- Every presentation consists of 20 slides,
- which auto-advance (usually) every 15 seconds.
Is it possible to get a message across? I think, yes. Here is an example (by Tim O'Reilly):

Ignite has a channel on youtube, where more presentations can be found. I think, these presentations are really great.

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