Monthly Archives: September 2011

Why blogging is great.

Writing is a skill that needs to be learned, the more you practice the better you'll become. And that applies to your mother tongue as well as to your foreign language. Blogs also offer the opportunity to reflect about complex issues, resulting in better understanding and the emergence of new ideas. So, blogging is good for your critical thinking abilities.

In the foreign language you have to start small first ...continue reading

I came across a great tool today. It's called "skitch".  It is available for MAC (app store) and Android phones (market) at the moment.  iOS (hence, iPhone and iPad) may also be supported soon. Furthermore, I hope, there'll be a Windows application, but you may also refer to these alternatives. Though Skitch and its alternatives are useful, one can always use basic graphic editors to gain the same results. So, if you have Photoshop, Firefox, Gimp or whatever, you can basically do the same. ...continue reading