The ideal blog post

A quick google search gives you plenty of guides, telling you how to compose good blog posts (1, 2, 3 examples). So, why this one? Well, everyone has her/his own ideas about this.

Great Blog post mindmap

Paul Foreman for

Here is mine.

  • Write personal posts. Have your own opinion and stand to it. You don't have to be objective. Weighting arguments, however, makes posts ever more interesting.
  • Write what and how you like to read.
  • Use lists.
  • Set links to resources.
  • Less is more. Don't write thousands of words to cover a whole topic. Bigger issues can be broken up into smaller pieces. That makes reading easier. To establish coherence, the posts can be linked to each other.
  • Use pictures, videos and other visual means as often as  possible.
  • Give credit, if you use other persons' content.
  • Use post splitters to keep your homepage tidy.
  • Update your own posts, but make these updates visible. So, don't delete a sentence, but strike it through, and write new sentences bold face.
  • Do not re-blog. You can have a twitter account and show the tweets in your blog. Here, you can make your readers aware of an older post that becomes actual.

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