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I decided to write some comments on the tools I use in my everyday life, as I have realized that some of my colleagues don't know them. The tools will be analyzed with an emphasis on the use for educators and students. These texts are not meant to be critical reviews. I tried out all applications for some time and I like them. However, if there are any negative points or alternatives, which are better, please feel free to comment on the entries.

Let's start with Evernote. It's a note taking application, but unlike other, the notes can be pretty long, you can underline texts, use bold face and italics, different fonts can also be used in one note. And yes, you can also go for different colors. Finally, bullet points, ordered lists and checklists (with checkboxes) are also supported by Evernote.

Evernote editing possibilities

Evernote, editing possibilities

What makes this application special is synchronization. I work with different computers at home and at work. All notes are saved in the cloud and can be accessed with a web browser from everywhere. However, you can also download different applications for MAC and WIN. If I start Evernote on my computer, it automatically syncs all notes. That means, I can access them on all my computers automatically. ...continue reading