Tools for educators and students: Skitch

I came across a great tool today. It's called "skitch".  It is available for MAC (app store) and Android phones (market) at the moment.  iOS (hence, iPhone and iPad) may also be supported soon. Furthermore, I hope, there'll be a Windows application, but you may also refer to these alternatives. Though Skitch and its alternatives are useful, one can always use basic graphic editors to gain the same results. So, if you have Photoshop, Firefox, Gimp or whatever, you can basically do the same.

Take a picture and annotate it, highlight, what's important and share it with friends. Here is one "skitch", I just did:

Skitch of my desk

Skitch of my desk

I've just taken a photo, drew highlights and annotated it. As this works perfectly with Evernote (see my previous post), which is no wonder, as Evernote acquired Skitch this year, you can build your own set of visual flash cards using Evernote.


  • While at a conference, take a photo of a slide and highlight the most important information.
  • Take pictures of your room or elsewhere and put in the vocab in the foreign language (Evernote flash cards).
  • Have fun, just by taking a photo of something rather silly, adding your own comment.
  • ...

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