Why blogging is good for you

Writing is a good way to practice your language skills, as it gives you time to reflect and to plan your text. And time is crucial, especially at the beginning. This applies to both - your first and your foreign language(s). So, write regularly, e.g. keep a log, not only about your feelings, but also about what you learned that day, what you understood, and what should be clarified (see earlier post). But why is blogging so good? Dailywritingtips.com lists five reasons:

1. You’ll get into the habit of writing regularly
2. Instant feedback lets you know how you’re doing
3. Having readers for your work is a big motivation
4. Your writing will improve
5. Blogs are an ideal medium for experimentation

From my point of view, number 4 and 2 are the most important ones. And these apply for your mother tongue as well as any foreign language. If you have to express yourself, you have to do it in a meaningful and clear way. So writing, and therefore blogging, helps you to practice to bring a message across.
But, what is a good blog post? You should read this article to find out!

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