Well, I knew it …

it had to come this way. It's kind of inevitable, if there is a new toy, educators get overexcited and think of "revolutionary technologies" for the classroom (Colleges Dream of Paperless, iPad-centric Education | Gadget Lab | Wired.com). I also think, that portable computers are may be a good tool for class and courses. However, they should have their proper space.

  • Computers are not always the first choice. Educators should always opt for the easiest way. Of course, you may have role-plays in virtual environments, but it's done quicker and more authentic in class. One may toy with new technologies, but not all students will join the teachers' efforts (this is one thing, I also learned: You'll never reach 100% of the class with e-learning solutions, simply, because not everyone sees the advantages even after being demonstrated. But I think one should mind the 20% one reaches and not the 80% who are ignorant.)
  • The video shown on the website shows nothing new. If you have some good calendar software, PDF reader and knowledge management software, all this can be done already, without buying an iPad.
  • I like Apple. I have an iPod and 2 MacBooks, for certain tasks MAC-Software is really great. However, I don't think it's a good idea to commit students to a certain device. Solutions should always include different devices, open standards and different ways of accessing it.
  • Everything should be web-based. So students may learn at home, using campus computers or may use their grandparents machine when they visit them and fancy some learning.
  • An eBook is still a book, a calendar could also be organized in a Filofax and videos can be shown on DVDs. For years, I have been waiting for a course-ware programs that is easy to use and allow us to design pedagogical reasonable websites that includes videos, quizzes etc. in one work-flow. So far, this can not be seen.
  • Colleges, safe the money and invest it in proper e-learning solutions that are more than mere transfers of already existing (and boring) pedagogical techniques.

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