Tools for students: Audioboo and Soundcloud

Recording your own voice is great to practice pronunciation. By playing it, you can spot errors yourself and you can also send it to a friend / lecturer to get some feedback. There are two web 2.0 services that make recording (even on the go) very convenient. Audioboo and Soundcloud. You can also find some small projects you can do to practice pronunciation, grammar and phrases.



Audioboo is a free online application, which also offers iPhone, Android and Nokia app. You can record a sound file with up to 5 minutes length. It is stored online. You can also connect with twitter and Facebook and get you "boos" published there, too. Finally, you can also embed boos on websites and blogs.

Of course, you can also send the URL of your boo, if you don't want to "advertise" it too much. Here is one example.


Soundcloud lets you share sound of unlimited length. They can also be illustrated with photos, which makes it a perfect tool for podcasting. However, you can also record with your smartphone (iOS or Android) or your computer. And you can also link it with Facebook, twitter or tumblr.

Why not using soundcloud? by Martin G. Döpel


Here are some ideas for speaking projects. Do you have something to add? Feel free to do so!

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