Tools for educators and students: Voxopop

Voxopop is a tool allowing you to start so-called talkgroups. These groups can be public, restricted or private. Other users can record their contribution. All contributions appear in a stream, if the stream is played, all parts of the conversations played back in a row automatically. So, a talkgroup is like a asynchronous discussion group.

Talkgroup entries can be downloaded as RSS feed, hence podcast.


Scenarios for teachers:

  • Language teachers can ask their students to speak about certain topics (e.g., introduce yourself, talk about your last holiday, record a dialogue ...).
  • Discussion group. Ask a thought-provoking question and ask students to respond.
  • Q & A. Give students the opportunity to ask questions related to your class.
  • ...

Scenarios for learners:

  • Run a reading group using this tool.
  • ...

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