Tools for students and educators: Wallwisher

The idea of Wallwisher is quite simple - an online notice board. Notices can be left by the wall's creator or by anyone. The creator can also opt to review other peoples' submission. A Wallwisher wall looks like this.

Wallwisher wall

Wallwisher wall, click to enlarge

A notice can consist of up to 160 characters. Web pages, videos or audios can also be linked though.

Websites and video open in larger frames on the wall. For a website, it looks somewhat like this:


Wallwisher entry with website

Wallwisher entry with website, click to enlarge

Wallwisher is a quick and simple way to share ideas in a visual appealing fashion.


Scenarios for teachers:

  • Getting feedback.
  • Have a somewhat different link list.
  • Share information quickly.

Tom Barrett has collected 32 ideas to use Wallwisher in the classroom.

Scenarios for learners:

  • Collect your most information
  • Build a wall for a team project and share information quickly.
  • ...

Update (09 April 2012)

I just learned about another website, which can be used as an alternative: edistorm . To learn more about, edistorm, refer to Mark Brumley's post and screencast.

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